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Slot may make reference to:
A narrow beginning in a machine or pot into which something can be placed, for example in a:
Mail slot
Slot machine, a kind of casino game
Vending machine slot machine, a machine that dispenses items such as snack foods, beverages, alcohol, smoking, lottery seat tickets to customers automatically, following the customer inserts money or credit in to the machine
Special passive mechanised devices used for going back rental videos

Slot, an area for a pot on a dispatch, usually portrayed as a 20 feet (6.1 m) or 40 foot (12 m) slot
Slot (car race), a slot machine in the keep track of on which slot machine game cars contest in and are led by
Slot (snow hockey), the region on the hockey rink straight prior to the goaltender between your faceoff circles on each side
Orbital slot machine, allotted position for a satellite television in a “crowded” orbit
Slot machine, slang term for the principle copy editor on the newspaper
Slot, an area within a creation throughout a game of American basketball; see Glossary of North american football#S

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